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Paddock Corporate Services

Luxembourg-based, Independent management services

  • Our multilingual* team offers high-end corporate services and coordinates all aspects of the most complex client assignments and issues.
    Our management has extensive know-how and has in-depth
    experience in the field of company domiciliation and administration.

    * a.o. German, English, French, Dutch, Luxembourgish, Italian and Portuguese

  • Our company’s history may not be decades-old, its partners however have known each other for a long time and are building their enterprise on solid ground.

    Paddock Corporate Services is a member of the “Ordre des Experts-Comptables” (association of chartered accountants in Luxembourg).

Gain new perspectives through experience
Philip Christ

Philip ChristPartner
Philip has over 14 years of tax experience, having held various tax responsibilities in Luxembourg. He holds a Diploma in Business Administration with a focus on Audit, Controlling and Tax and passed the German Chartered Tax Advisor exam in 2011.
Before becoming Partner in Paddock, Philip was Senior Manager in Deloitte Luxembourg and Managing Director and Head of Finance in the Rocket Internet SE Luxembourg office.
Philip is specialized in structuring and optimizing cross-border finance and holding structures in a regulated or unregulated environment. His focus lies on structuring targets in the Start-up, E-Commerce and Real Estate sector.

Michael Probst

Michael ProbstOf Counsel
Michael has over 30 years of tax experience, advising a broad range of clients and businesses. He is a specialist in international tax advice and tax structuring for corporate and private clients. He also focuses on cross-border tax planning for private and institutional clients.
In the past he held the position of Senior Tax Manager and Group Tax officer in international consulting firms, including several Big Four firms, and an international banking group. In these positions, he was in charge of tax solutions and advised on the use of the different Luxembourg company types.
He served high net wealth individuals, international corporations and banks. He assisted in the tax optimization of financial products and has an in-depth knowledge of the tax treatment of financial products in several countries.
Michael is Managing Partner of Andersen in Luxembourg. He holds several directorships in companies active in the real estate industry, private equity and individual family offices.

Bob Faber

Bob FaberPartner
Bob has 30 years of experience in highly tailored corporate management services, His focus lies on real estate and private equity-oriented clients. For ten years now, Bob acts as Partner in Paddock Corporates Services and its affiliates.
Moreover, Bob is independent director in unregulated and regulated companies that are internationally active in real estate and private equity.
Bob previously held several management positions at a number of trust companies in Luxembourg, where he advised all types of clients.
Bob also acted as a manager in the private client services team of the former Andersen Luxembourg office. In 2002 he joined the tax department of EY and finally became independent in 2004.

Matthias Gutknecht

Matthias GutknechtPartner
Matthias has over 30 years of tax experience, having held various tax responsibilities in Germany and Luxembourg.
Matthias held the position of Tax Director and Vice President Group Tax in major international banks over several years where he set up and led the respective tax department. Prior to this, Matthias served as Tax Director at a leading multinational corporation and led the tax department for Northern Europe for several years. At the same time, he was responsible for the implementation of the group’s worldwide transfer pricing policy.
In addition, he worked over five years as tax consultant for two of the Big Four tax consulting firms in Germany and Luxembourg.
Matthias started his career with the German tax authorities, where he held the position of a tax inspector in the superior service.

‘Trust is always earned, never given’
Stability and independence

PADDOCK CORPORATE SERVICES was incorporated in November 2012 in parallel with B.A. Tax Accountants.
The 3 Partners, accomplished professionals of the Luxembourg financial services market who have known each other for a long time, have been striving to build an extensive skills pool. Their typical clients own corporate structures investing in all kind of assets, such as IP property and real estate but also fintech companies, stock portfolios, car collections and other, all over the world. PADDOCK CORPORATE SERVICES’ sister company, B.A. Tax Accountants, completes the range of services offered with a team of dedicated professionals focusing on tax, compliance and consultancy services.
Each Partner looks back on 20 years of experience in his special field of activity and thus contributes to enabling PADDOCK CORPORATE SERVICES to truly act as an independent and trustworthy business partner. Indeed, it is one of only a few companies in Luxembourg which is independently owned and run by its local management.

Our clients

Our customer base includes international private equity companies and other institutional investors like pension funds, as well as smaller investor groups and individual entrepreneurs in the IT, fashion, real estate, furniture, automotive and telecommunications sector, as well as numerous other service and manufacturing industries.
The operational companies of our clients are headquartered on all continents, but predominantly in Europe.